Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sarah's choice

Personnel Board Investigator Thomas Daniel, quoted in a press release on Sarah Palin's state website:

“The governor was not invited to speak at the right-to-life dinner in Indiana because
she is governor of Alaska. Rather she was invited because of her national standing, her outspoken opposition to abortion, and her recent personal decision to forego an abortion."

It's sooooo easy to "forego" an abortion in her circumstances...

However, doesn't it sound incredibly pro-choice? That's what pro-choice people do. They choose.

The picture shows Sarah Palin one month before she announced she was nearly 7 months pregnant.


Anonymous said...

Yeppers, Sarah Palin has just admitted that she is Pro-Choice!

Palin is so out-of-touch that she doesn't even know the "pro-Birth" lingo.

Anonymous said...

I remember Bristol's interview with Greta on Fox. Bristol also said that it was her choice to keep the baby (implying that it wasn't her mother's pressure or influence). She also had a CHOICE and made it, regardless of whether others should have the same choice. I wish that the "Pro Lifers" cared as much about people after they are born. You would think that they would be the strongest advocates for no war, no death penalty, kindness and charity to all, food and fuel for Alaskans suffering a bad winter, the list is very long.

FW said...

Her "personal decision to forego an abortion" sounds like Sarah made a "CHOICE"...meaning she was considering abortion, but then made a "decision" not to. Supposedly in Sarah's world, babies are not choices, they are a gift from God. Why did she even have to deliberate...this from a woman who said she would choose life in cases of rape or incest.

basheert said...

SP is always front and center about "choice". It only applies however when it is HER choice she has a right to make.
She does not want anyone else to have the same free choice as she does because she believes she is the only person entitled to have anything that resembles a right.
SP is trying to be a dictator. Do as I say, not as I do.
Besides her C4P flying monkeys are pulling her strings and telling her what to do, a sure sign she will crash and burn.

Gail said...

I am a bit disturbed by the post at palindeceptions. The posit is that Bristol was thin in one photo and then gained weight as would be expected by a pregnancy.

However it looks to me (even though I am completely convinced the Sara faked a pregnancy to cover for Bristol) that this particular photo will serve to discredit that theory.

here is a photo showing Willow on the left:

and this is the photo being used to illustrate Bristol's prior slenderness, indicating perhaps she was pregnant, looks a lot more like Willow to me. Is there proof it is Bristol?

Anonymous said...

@Gail. Yes, it is from Bristol's MySpace photos.

Anonymous said...

@Gail, if you go back and read the MySpace threads on PD, you'll see the explanation of exactly where it's from. The second photo is definitely Bristol.

Emily said...

I hear some pro-choice group does think Palin is pro-choice, based on this anecdote of hers. Palin is "all things to all people"-- because she's a values-free hypocrite who will say anything to get elected or get attention.

Anonymous said...


Photo 1: That is Willow on your left, sitting. she is wearing the large print dress.
Bristol is to Willow's left, on your right. She is standing in the smaller print dress. Sep 2007
If you follow PD there are many more photos taken that day. The dates have been checked, accurate within day or two.

Photo 2: You might want to check the photo out on the lake.
It might be on PD from MySpace Part 1, 2 or 3. Try the pdf on MySpace Part 1.

I think it is definently shown to be Bristol and there is proof, like from her MySpace. It is not Bristol as pg, or if pg no one knew. That was June 2007, I think.

Just from looking at the lake or boat shot it does not look at all like Willow to me.

There are others that can tell you more but hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Palin knows she will never be elected with her anti-abortion and abstance only stance.

I think she is going to start moving toward the middle with this "pro-choice" start. She can convince her cult followers this is necessary to get elected POTUS.

It will be their big secret but they will know if she gets elected..."It's goodbye Roe vs. Wade."

CC from far away said...

Oh my God, anon @9:03 ... I shudder to think that may even be true!! Though we know she is intellectually challenged (I'm being generous, I know :-) ) she does have some pretty powerful and rich people advising her from behind the scenes.

As if there weren't enough reasons to make sure she is kept away from any political office ...

I hope the iceberg hits the SS Palin before it starts melting ...

Anonymous said...

Anon@9:03, Sarah Palin is not smart enough to:
A) realize that would be effective strategy, and
B) pull it off.

Palin can't be advised. So no worries. She is still living in the magical world of Sarah Palin, where if she "believes" things will happen, they "will."

I've recently realized that in the magical world of Sarah Palin, it is always 1950.

Patrick said...

Hi Gail,

this is Patrick from palindeception.

The pictures you are referring to show Bristol, not Willow. They are taken from the myspace-account of Sammy, Bristol's friend.

You should download the selection of the screenshots from the myspace-pages that we had collected - here is the link:

I also recommend to have a look into my flickr album:

We are extremely careful at palindeception and only publish facts if we are 100% convinced that they are true. We are sometimes even a bit TOO careful, because there are always research results which we cannot publish yet for one reason or the other as well as confidential "off-the-record" conversations, but we stick to the decision to present our findings with the greatest care possible.

And it shouldn't take too long now anymore until the truth will finally be revealed. We had to wait for a long time for it, but it will be worth in the end.

Anonymous said...

@Patrick, we (if I may speak collectively for many here) are all SO eager for the truth to be revealed. Glad to hear it won't be much longer.

Thanks to you, Audrey, Kathleen, Mary, and all the other honorable and precise PD researchers for the important work you are doing and have done. We all owe you.

regina said...


As an avid PD follower, I'm glad your careful and thorough research is finally paying off.

I've been accused of being a Trig truther, but my blog is more political than anything else.

I like to keep the Trig stuff alive because I think it's very relevant, showing what lengths this woman is prepared to go to in order to "progress" her political ambitions.

Thanks for your input over here, you have a lot more info than I do and it's important to keep the readers reliably informed.



Patrick said...

Hi Regina,

I am incredible thankful that you keep this issue alive. You have a fantastic blog and I really admire what you do here. It's still sometimes hard to understand why the MSM won't touch "babygate", but hey - we just have to show them what bloggers can achieve! This includes especially Gryphen from Immoral Minority, too, who has now turned into a masterful investigator.

Gail said...

Patrick thank you for that explanation. I check all you Palin bloggers every day. Your persistence has the double virtue of being very important in revealing the dangerous delusions of Sara Palin and also being the most hilarious unfolding melodrama ever!