Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sarah Palin's abuse of power

Rep Wes Keller was appointed by Sarah Palin to the Wasilla seat left vacant when Vic Khoring was jailed for corruption. Keller is a member of Sarah Palin's church.

I found an article about Troopergate and some the comments show the opinions of the people in the Mat-Su Valley about the issue and the governor.

Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, September 17, 2008

Wasilla Republican Rep. Wes Keller is one of five GOP legislators suing to put a halt to the “Troopergate” investigation.

“The goal is to either bring an end to the investigation, which I think is very improper, or stop it until Branchflower and Elton and French are disqualified,” Keller said.

The Legislative Council, made up of four Democrats and eight Republicans, voted unanimously to investigate the circumstances of Monegan's dismissal.

Before Aug. 29, Palin told reporters she welcomed an investigation because she has nothing to hide. Since being named to the Republican ticket, however, Palin now has a lawyer defending her during the investigation and representatives of the John McCain presidential campaign are involved.

Here are some of the comments on the article:

- "Wes, come on here! Appointed by Palin and all for her protection, yes, it sounds like you! By the way what have you done this year, certainly not answer to your constituents mail."

- "No wonder Wasilla is the Duct Tape capital of the world, it's being used over our mouths to keep quiet. Wes Keller is just a Palin plant in government to carry out her wishes, what happened to her "Looking forward to the investigation"? We can't even speak our minds in Wasilla without being put on her hit list. The freedom of speach is alive and well somewhere but not here."

- "Wes Keller is a Palin appointee and a member of Palin's church. She relied on him to attack the Alaska Supreme Court's recent abortion decision as well. It's no surprise he's teamed up again with two other defenders of patriarchy, Sen. Dyson and Rep. Lynn.

It seems Wasilla's politicians are recruited from Wasilla right wing churches. Her appointees, Pastor Stan Tucker and Diane Keller (now mayor), and Greg Koskela got themselves into hot water with the ACLU over prayers at the planning commission in April of 2006. Too bad for them--the 1st Amendment won that fight."

- "This is the tip of the iceberg, wait for all the firings to come out. That will tell a tale of Sarah Palin. What about all the money spent on the failing creamery? The hockey rink? Raised taxes. Have you forgotten already?"

- "A chilling indictment from a Wasilla citizen. It speaks to the intimidation felt not only by citizens, but, it would seem, your elected officials, as born out in this case.

I have spoken to many people here who know some of the less pretty things about Ms. Palin's political background but are afraid to speak up for fear of being ostracized or retaliated against. Ms. Palin and her supporters have long memories, and a reputation for being ruthless and Wasilla is a really small town."

- "As for Sarah Palin. She has no respect left, we can't believe anything she says. Bully, liar and coward. Enough of her!"

- "Nothing to hide? Then speak to YOUR legislature Sarah Palin? Nothing to hide then speak to YOUR people in Alaska. Don't hide behind a lawyer and some high priced suit from the lower 48. Take a day, meet with the people hold a televised address to the state. Just because you're a VP nominee does not give you the right to stick it to us Alaskans."

- "The governor has something to hide. This "something" would show that she is not honest, open or transparent. Too bad Talis Colberg has been dragged into the mud pit too. Oh the tangled webs we weave indeed.

It is as simple as this. If Sarah has nothing to hide, she would not try to disrupt, delay and impede this investigation. If she acted honorably, the investigation would just back her up. Sarah has lost my vote because of her actions and her actions alone. Yes, I voted for her for governor and I am disappointed to say the least."

-"This is not what I expected. I feel duped and I guess that I expected too much. Sorry but you've lost me. Sarah has not been open or transparent."

The article makes reference to Sarah Palin hiring a lawyer and the RNC involvement in the investigation, which puts her legal fund into perspective.

The comments about intimidation of the citizens of Wasilla are particularly telling... abuse of power indeed!

Full article on the Mat-Su Frontiersman
Recall Sarah Palin


Anonymous said...

Good job Regina! Hey Palin hasn't changed has she, same old arguments and excuses. No wonder Alaska is getting tired of this sham. She's just as corrupt and underhanded as the rest.

Emily said...

Sometimes I wonder if Sarah Palin has always been as corrupt as she's been recently-- this seems to confirm it. How does a woman like this keep getting elected? At least she's wrecked her career pretty throughly now, and if she can't get re-elected as governor, she doesn't stand much chance to get elected President in 2012(no matter how much time she wastes campaigning).