Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sarah Palin with her babies

What a lovely picture of Sarah Palin during a reception for members of the Association of Alaska Schools Boards!

She's holding her two favourite babies in one hand and a large accessory in both arms.

It's a surprising photo. After all, this large accessory was designed to be carried facing outwards, no?



Anonymous said...

I just saw this photo elsewhere and then went to Bristol's tv interview, where she is holding Tripp in a very similar manner. I'd be interested in seeing the Bristol pic side-by-side with this one of Trigg. I realize babies vary in size, and despite being pudgy Trig may not be growing at the normal rate for kids, and maybe it's just me, but the two photos together are just creepy.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Out cold again! How do they do it?

Loved the "two favorite babies" and "large accessory" phrases, Regina. The Palin babies seem to make less noise in public than the BlackBerries.

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering why these two wee ones sleep all the time. When my kids were babes...the times when lots of people around were the times they chose to yelp the loudest. Things that make you go..hmmm.


Sarah in SC said...

Not defending the Palins by ANY means, nor am I refuting the possibility that they buy benadryl by the gross, but just a point of fact--many young babies "shut down" and go to sleep when they are overwhelmed by a situation, or it's too stimulating, etc. It's kind of a "defense mechanism," so to speak.

I've had little ones sleep thru whole performances of Disney on Ice, kid concerts, etc., when I've had to take them along with an older sibling. Take DisneyWorld, or the mall, even, for instance--how many sleeping babies & toddlers have you seen sound asleep in strollers in environments where you think it wouldn't be possible to sleep--thru the fireworks at DisneyWorld--and yet, there they are, sound asleep.

All that being said, the way these women haul those babies around like they're an oversized Prada tote is just shameful. And walking around with a sleeping baby as big as the one in this picture, while also trying to make a point of clutching those blackberries as if her life depended on them--not the safest way to carry your child, to say the least. But at least in this photo the poor little guy actually has socks on his feet. I can't tell you how much it bothers me to see pictures of these little guys with little bare feet sticking out, no matter the weather. Ugh.

I'm a mom of 4 kids, 12 yrs down to age 2, and I *do* understand the necessity of multitasking. I do a lot of emailing with a baby in my lap. But the detachment seen in pictures of Piper, Trig, and Gino is obvious. The overhead pic on Mudflats today, for instance--Piper's posture tells the whole story. But those damn blackberries never want for attention, do they?

midnightcajun said...

Why is this woman taking her baby to an official function? And why would you take your Blackberries? In a situation like this, wouldn't you turn them off? Is she going to be talking to all these people and when one rings, say, "Excuse me," and answer it?

I don't think she expects the little guy to wake up--she has no hands to deal with him if he does. She knows he's out for the count.

One other thing--notice how tiny she is in this photo compared to the people around her. And how her clothes are hanging on her. I'm beginning to think she's become anorexic or bulimic. She wasn't this thin before.

b-p-p said...


It does appear she IS CERTAIN the sleeping baby will not be waking up, hence, no problem for her to only answer the Blackberries and handle an audience.

Anorexic, bulimic or diet pills? Have you ever been around anyone on any kind of speed? Not only can they multitask, their physical characteristics are distinct.

What is the date of this photo?

FEDUP!!! said...

Don't forget: Besides one huge, sleeping toddler, she has has two Blackberries AND a bottle in her hands...

I guess the fact that she is lugging around this piece of accessories (sorry - TODDLER!) is to show to her sheeple that she is too poor (because of those darn ethics complaints, gosh-darn it!) to hire a nanny...

Anyone from the Wasilla area: Is there ANY evidence that this baby is getting ANY of the much-needed early intervention to make him a contributing member of society? Or is she just making sure he will NEVER be able to function AT ALL independently, and will NEVER be able to understand ANYthing at all (and thus will never be able to 'rat' on her and?

basheert said...

Sorry, I know babies shut down on occasion but this child is NEVER conscious. I'm not saying she is drugging him but at his age, he should wake up sometime and at least look at his surroundings. He's supposedly over a YEAR old!!!! This is not a 5 month old - he may have DS but they DO crawl and walk. A child at 13 months should be into everything!
So - what's she doing to these babies to assure they don't even barely breathe?????

regina said...


The photo was taken end of March.


LisanTX said...

Loved your play with words: "holding her two favourite babies in one hand and a large accessory in both arms.

That is clever enough to become famous!

b-p-p said...

Thanx Regina.

This is sad but whatever the Palins do to babies to see that they sleep this much on cue is very likely acceptable for a majority of those in Wasilla and parts of Alaska. Has anyone heard much from Alaskans about this being unusual? At first, I thought it might be the way her church raises babies, it could be more culturally accepted then that. If it is so cultural no one would see a problem and no one would say anything, including those who oppose Sarah in Alaska.

It is important to note that we are not talking about one baby or two babies from two homes.

sandra said...

It is usual when you are mixing with a group to be able to shake hands with others. Maybe this was a way to avoid that.

I would take it as an insult to the group if she felt she had to have all these distractions. Even one blackberry would have been impolite.

Anonymous said...

OK, somebody's got to say it straight out. Sarah Palin displays many of the classic signs of meth use. Think about it. Word salad, disordered thoughts combined with rushing to speak. Weight loss. Always "on" and what's with that weird jaw flexing/compressed lips thing she does? I have long wondered about chemical enhancement, prescription or otherwise. It explains the absolute lack of any variability in her affect, energy and drive. It fuels her narcissistic personality disorder, buffers any negative reality which might intrude on her self esteem, and gives her that special glinty eyed self confidence. I mean, come on, she's from Wasilla, meth capital of the country.

basheert said...

SP displays all the symptoms of a lot of things, drug use is simply the cherry on top of her pie.
Aside from being certifiably nuts, she probably has access to pretty much any Dr. Feelgood that she wants.
The fact that her KIDS appear DRUGGED all the time and that she's obviously OBSESSED with her appearance as she gets old and wrinkled from all the lying she does - is just part of SP's problem.
She's already a has-been - her flying monkeys can support her many habits since they love her so much.

drew from lil ol texas said...

I heard rumor that a couple of her 20000 words are being devouted to a chapter titled:

"How To Keep Your Kids Shut Up In Public"


Anonymous said...

That tanning bed, at a cost of $35,000 to re-wire the governor's mansion, won't be her friend anymore once she sees the damage, but by then it will be too late. All the winking, lipliner tattoos, short tight skirts, etc won't be able to hide that sagging jawline. The shine will be off the shimmy for our pageant girl. And on top of that, even when you add up all those old white guys and the repressed wannabee hottie moms, all the gun guys and all neo con fringies and all the evangelical nutcakes... not enough to get her pst maybe the Republican primaries. She has no clue how out of her league she already is. A Fox news gig or reality show, maybe a "lobbyist" or fundraiser, is her only career path. She keeps burning her bridges, but she's at the top of her particular food chain. She won't ever go back to non-celebrity, so we'll continue to get to watch her very particular kind of NPD trainwreck play out.

CorningNY said...

I agree 100% with you about the early intervention services. I've not heard one single mention, ever, that he's receiving any therapies that would help him develop.
And haven't these people ever heard of a wonderful invention called a STROLLER?! I've heard it mentioned that Alaskans don't usually use them--is that true?

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Her and Bristol losing tons of weight....LEGAL SPEED! Adderall! amphetamine and dextroamphetamine! Watch her lincoln day speech! Her Eagle speech.
Its totally obvious. And Bristol is on it to. Remember in the 60's the rolling stones, "mother's little helpers"
I'm sure they both have ADD...right??? Dr. Feelgood to the rescue :)

Anonymous said...

If Sarah or Bristol used a stroller or carrier - so much better for the BABY - then when the photographs were taken they would not have the baby in the frame, or it would be obvious when they said, "no, wait, let me get the baby first" so... what to do, what to do? Hold that baby as close to your face as you can all the time. Problem solved! And why run the risk of those pesky baby bahaviors - you know, crying, fussing, wiggling, kicking, grabbing hair, getting hungry or tired - when you can skip all that with a little dose of Benadryl? Problem solved! Also, too.