Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sarah Palin: all style, no substance

Sarah Palin's camp have commented on her campaign wardrobe, via Meg Stapleton:

"We are pleased to learn that all the purchases and decisions made by senior campaign staffers, and paid for by the RNC and returned to the RNC, were all done according to the law. The clothes in this campaign were treated just like the many stages upon which the Governor stood and the hundreds of lights used to illuminate them; all were used during the campaign and returned upon its conclusion. It is difficult to reconcile the obsessive reference to clothing on the campaign trail with any legitimate political issue and that leaves the unsettling conclusion that Governor Palin is the single national political figure who is critiqued on policy, family and clothing. When people start asking details about the personal effects of other candidates, then maybe the double standard will be eliminated."

Enquiries WERE made regarding Obama's campaign clothes:

Politico checked records for Barack Obama's campaign and the Democratic party: No similar fashion expenditures.

In the light of the CREW complaint outcome, is President Obama feeling shortchanged because he didn't order a few suits from London's Saville Row? Would Michelle Obama's words have sounded more earnest if she had been dressed in designer clothes?

How the RNC choose to spend their money is their business, but dressing Sarah Palin and her whole large, loving family in expensive clothes, having make-up artists and the best hairdressers couldn't mask the simple fact that they didn't have a message to deliver.

Carrie Prejean was artificially enhanced and looked reasonably good until she opened her mouth.

The same happened to Sarah Palin. She looked good and shiny, but had no substance.

Do the RNC really think that a political campaign should be conducted as a beauty pageant?

Was a well dressed Sarah Palin the best they could offer their donors and the voting public when the economy was imploding and people were losing their homes and jobs?

Very good post about Sarah's wardrobe


midnightcajun said...

I'm still waiting for the IRS to go after her for taxes on the $180,000 (the final figure, and that was only for clothes--the hair and makeup where another $100,000+). She wore them; it doesn't matter that she then gave them away.

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

I remain proud of Michelle Obama's classy and reasonable clothing choices. It was marvelous when she wore that black-and-white sundress on "The View" by a then-unknown designer, who became wildly successful overnight. THAT'S a stimulus package!

When the Obama girls' outfits on Inauguration Day were attributed to J. Crew, a friend called to tell me that the website had crashed from so many orders all at once!

Some wet-blanket wingers chided Mrs. Obama for wearing expensive sneakers in a soup kitchen. But 1) She bought them with money the couple had earned, and 2) she was WORKING in a soup kitchen.

During the Blitz in WWII, King George VI and the then-Queen Elizabeth refused to leave London. When the Queen visited bombed-out sites, she wore dresses and hats in soothing shades of dusty rose, dusty blue, dusty lavender, etc., that she and her designer Norman Hartnell had called her "combat frocks." When asked why she dressed so nicely to climb over rubble and shake hands, she said, "If these people were coming to see me, they would wear their best." Now THAT is an example of dressing appropriately on the public shilling.

But then, SP is to the Queen Mum as Britney Spears is to Ella Fitzgerald...

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, I guess the FEC has set a precedence now with 'appropriate' campaign expenses!
I for one will not be contributing to any political figure anymore (even though I am not a repukelican) - I cannot afford the type of clothing they wasted on GINO and her grifter family, so I do not want my hard-earned money to be wasted on frivolities like this for some political figure-head!

Anonymous said...

Well at least the RNC didn't pay for her boob job.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at the above ....too funny!

Kyra said...

Michelle Obama's entire wardrobe up till the inauguration was J. Crew and much of it now still is. She furnished the private quarters at the White House (what she didn't keep from the Bush's) from Pottery Barn. Obama kept the rug in the Oval Office that Laura Bush had specially designed and made (every president re-does the Oval Office and changes the rug/colors/upholstery). Nancy Reagan had her friends buy new china for the White House. Michelle Obama gave up a $300,000/year job to campaign and become first lady. Total class.

FEDUP!!! said...

Kyra: You forgot to mention that Laura Bush made a parting-gift (at a cost to taxpayers to the tune of $500,000, and only DAYS away from leaving - namely on January 7,2009! ...) : She ordered TWO whole new set of china for the WH - and at least one of them IMHO is a$$-ugly (!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

FEDUP, thanks for the link. Those are some fugly dishes that Laura picked out. A sort of passive-aggressive FU to a wildly popular new First Couple, mayhap?