Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sarah Palin's heart of gold

In response to the suggestion by John Coale that SarahPac should donate to Hillary Clinton to help offset her campaign debts and broker a relationship between the Palins and the Clintons, Meg Stapleton said:

“While we appreciate your efforts and recognize that a friendship with the Clintons is appropriate, the governor believes (and I concur*) that using SarahPAC to pay down Hillary’s debt is not a prudent use of the money,” Stapleton wrote to Coale in a Feb. 17 e-mail, a few days after he made his pitch to the governor. “Contributors who chose between heating their homes and sending in a contribution because they believe in Sarah would be crushed.”

People might get the idea that the residents of Emmonak have donated to SarahPac...

No, they had to choose between heating and eating. But they were OK after Sarah visited the wrong villages with the Evangelical Circus and dished out her home baked cookies.

Our Sarah has a heart of gold...

*(Have you noticed how Meg Stapleton now gives her opinion when speaking on behalf of the governor?)


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

A "servant's heart" Regina...! Love the pic, ♥ it!

Ennealogic said...

What an incredible cookie. Where did you get that!?

regina said...


I googled "sarah palin cookies" on google images... it came up on the second page.


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

They will be selling out of moose cutters here in D.C., starting with me!