Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sarah Palin's fan John Ziegler, an example of total malpractice

John Ziegler went to Alaska to promote his media malpractice film. It was much trumpeted by the likes of Eddie Burke (the crotch grabber) and Bob & Mark (of Lyda Green is fat and a cancer while Sarah Palin giggled). Out of the 1000 tickets available, less than 300 were sold. Considering that quite a number of liberals attended out of curiosity or the opportunity for a few laughs, there weren't many supporters of the most popular governor at the screening...

The screening of the film and the subsequent interview of John Ziegler by Phil Munger are being discussed on various progressive blogs, which is why I chose to focus on Ziegler's dating video.

The guy is a jerk, to put it mildly. The date gets really interesting from the 3:24 point. He says that after the age of 40 men get more distinguished and women lose their power in the relationship. I suppose he means women lose their looks. If that's the only power he believes women have in a relationship, he's a bigger jerk than I first thought. Then he proceeds to say that women are irrational. OK, that's his opinion. Ziegler's date ran a mile after a few minutes with him, not irrational at all!

John Ziegler worships Sarah Palin, who's nearer to 50 years old and definitely not rational. Did he change his views or is he simply the worst kind of opportunist? It looks like he jumped on the Sarah Palin bandwagon for personal gain, but it's not paying off as he expected. Less than 300 hundred fans in Sarah's own turf?

Oh dear!

Ziegler posts on Mudflats, Progressive Alaska, Celtic Diva and Immoral Minority.


ProChoiceGrandma said...

I watched the videos earlier on Celtic Diva’s. Ziegler is a Loser with a capital L. Actually, in all caps – LOSER! After watching the dating video, and then the video where he was handcuffed outside the Katie Couric award program at the USC campus, I can take a guess why he would be concerned about the silver bracelets hurting his wrists.

Anonymous said...

John, like Meg, Greta and many other losers are trying to find money, power and fame by riding on the coat tails of Sarah.

Too bad, it is a ride to nowhere.

palinoscopy said...

OMG. He is such an arrogant, narcissistic creep. Unbelievable.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

From crooks and Liars:
Watch the video and you realize that Ziegler, like many wingnuts, actually occupies another universe: the Bizarro Wingnut Universe, where up is down, right is left, and heads are implanted in hindquarters. The special quality of this universe is that its occupants believe that any point of view other than theirs is an attack upon them. Any thought other than those that jibe with their peculiar take on the world is evidence of a "bias" against theirs.

If you watch these Vids Dennis and Phil did, to me it looks like he high on something...!
Or has some sort of neurological damage!
He's egotistic, vain, arrogant and a angry asshole.
I wonder why the Queen didn't show at her "screening"?

Lisabeth said...

The truly scary thing is he knew he was being taped and still said all of that sexist degrading stuff about women! What an ass! She was much nicer than I would have been! Blchhhh! He is A blind dating nightmare!!! Is he still single? I can't imagine who would put up with him!

Also wasn't Sarah mad at him after his interview with her was on utube??? I thought she said he made her look bad -another gotcha "journalist.". But this one is a conservative, oh my! That is probably why only 300 showed up.

honestyinGov said...

Here is an interesting tidbit I noticed this morning and directed me to Zieglers OWN webpage. The webpage has todays date... But on the front page there is NO MENTION of his trip to Alaska and his big movie Premiere...and the fact that he would be showing the Movie in 'The Stars' own backyard, so to speak.
Ask yourself.... WHY...?

At the top of his OWN WEBPAGE he has 'Breaking News'. That being his arrest at USC... MONTHS AGO!!!
Way to report the News and stay relevant... 'Reporter' John.

Basheert said...

He's just one very small man in an ever shrinking Repuke puddle. Since all that is left of the Repukes, is their rather small shriveled rump, they are simply preaching to the morons, idiots, and non-thinkers that represent the "BASE".
In many ways it is sad - they have destroyed their own party and ideals by allowing Grade D- morons to dictate their ideas.
It will take probably 30+ years for any semblance of the Repuke Party to reappear. It will be a difficult time because this is not a group of individuals capable of learning from their own mistakes.

They are basically handing the Democrats/liberals the White House and the Country because they can't let go of their hatred. Hatred forces people to back away.

It's going to keep up - it is going to get worse - and we're gonna have fun watching.

Ya betcha!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Does JZ still have the fact that he was captain of his college golf team up at the top of his website??

Lisabeth said...

I just looked at his page ick!!! After seeing his dating video, the guy has no credibility and wow he idolizes Sarah !!

FW said...

I agree with Basheert...the Repugs are cannibalizing their own, and their spokespeople (for lack of a better term) are the lowest life forms at the bottom of the "base"...Zeigler, Rush, Newt, and Cheney. Liars, theives, and hypocrites. With the Sotomayor nomination, the racism and sexism has come out in full's like they can't stop themselves, and now they have, with one fell swoop insulted and angered women and Latinos. Obama plays them brilliantly...

KaJo said...

He and that grad student twit Adam Brickley make a fine 2-man cheerleading squad for Palin.

She should get them matching white cable-knit sweaters with a big "P" emblazoned on the front...they could lead the crowds (of 300, ha, ha) in rants as an opening to her speeches.

After she leaves politics, that is. This scenario would play better if she has a road show, like any other "celebrity".

(my WV is "trina" -- shorthand for "Katrina"?)

Anonymous said...

OT but I can't find my other posts
re the video of the Palins going into church.

Well, you were right. The video does have the glitches but not so noticeable. They blew it up for me and the picture quality is excellent.

The CD is like a movie and covers the full 45" screen of my high-tech TV that is connected to a computer.

It starts out with Bristol about three feet behind Todd and she ends up ahead of the pack. In places (where it was altered), it looks like she was scooted across the ice/snow.

Even though her "gait" was slowed down...not a waddle...folks! How amazing someone nine (eight) months along can walk so straight, thru ice/snow and with their hands in their pockets!

I think she had the square thing on and you can see her white t-shirt at the bottom under her jacket. The scarf around her neck also adds to the bulk.

Why was she running from the camera when she showed up in Feb. at the 2009 Iron Dog with her jacket open and looking 3/4 months PG? Please, don't tell me she was postpartum, o.k.?

I'm taking the video to a photo shop guy who's suppose to be an expert.

Also, I'm calling KTUU because I'm not too happy about paying for one of their news tapes that's been altered. I'd still like to get the original.

I'd post the video but I don't know how and I think I agreed to a clause that could make me liable if someone used it for profit.

Regina, if you are interested, I'll post whatever I find out!


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Ginger: re: KTUU "altered vid"
The woman Morgan who had the palin photo site(blog) that was taken down, thought that a videographer for KTUU might has been responsible for photoshopping the "Gutsy" photo that "suddenly" showed up mysteriously on
Photobucket (I think its called) one pic posted by a guys name. No other photos, right at the beginning of the campaign. Gutsy herself went on TV claiming it wasn't "photoshopped" but Morgan proved beyond a doubt that it was.
If your vid was altered...I'm not surprised. you remember about this pic and the circumstances? To date, I haven't seen anyone but Morgan discuss this pic and the possibility that is was altered by someone at KTUU.
So, no surprise to me if your tape is altered.

Anonymous said...


Have you looked at the tape on Reg's thread..."What do you Think?

I had been looking for this tape for weeks. Finally, someone posted it and it is the last comment on that thread.

My comment was dated May 17th but the Anon who posted the video was on May 24th. In the interim, I had called KTUU and had already ordered the tape.

If I had seen the video on the net, I might not have ordered it. But now I'm glad I did. The video is blown-up and the picture is great!

Also, did you read the thread where it looks like a reporter from KTUU wasn't telling the truth?

To think how I sat and cried for Bristol because I thought Sarah threw her under bus. Now, I'm pretty sure she wasn't even PG!

Is this a nightmare or what?

regina said...

Ginger, Crystalwolf,

Way to go! I don't have the facilities to analyse tapes or photos, but if you know someone, I'd be interested to know if it was altered.

I remember the discussion about the Gusty photo on PD. It's all very fishy. In the video of the energy conference, April 17, (Sarah Palin, baby, fluids, risks and the doctor) she appears to be wearing the empathy belly or some padding.

Back to the church video, what struck me is how carefully NON-pregnant people were walking into the building, yet a heavily pregnant Bristol manages to sprint ahead of her group...

Bristols's pregnancy with Tripp is just as dodgy as SP's with Trig. I've always had a gut feeling Tripp is not related to the Palins at all, but I can't substantiate my suspicions. I think the blogger who had to shut down (just before I started this blog) was getting very near the truth and it may have involved Bristol's non-pregnancy, we'll never know...

Ginger, it may be a good idea to get in touch with Patrick with your findings. They have researched the whole think a lot more than I have and may have other material we don't know about.

The KTUU people don't come across as terribly credible source of anything! They're an extension of SP's fan club. Either SP has a lot of power to ruin people and their careers or there are too many misguided or self-serving cheerleaders out there.

This is exciting!



Vaughn said...

I made a comment on an earlier post about the Lori Tipton interview with
Chuck and Sally Heath on the day that Trig was born.

Ginger said that she receieved an email from Lori that said they had to
camp out and wait for some of the family to come by that day.
I got to thinking about that and I know KTUU would have gotten the press
release that was put out by the Governor's office that day.They would have
called Lori and told her to go get the interview.

Now I don't know if she lied about seeing Bristol that day or not. She may
have mistaken Willow for Bristol.People do that a lot even magazines have
gotten them mixed up.
Lori Tipton has worked for KTUU since Oct.2007 She moved to Alaska the last
of Sept.2007.

If she actually had to hang around the hospital entrance on April 18 and wait
for some of the family to come by so she could ask for a interview then Sarah
lied on her schedule for April 18.
On the schedule it says...Bristol:Interview Assistance/Set Up w/KTUU (Wasilla)

I think if Bristol had helped set up the interview that day that's exactly
what Lori would have told Ginger in her email.

Anonymous said...

Right after Obama was sworn into office (her BOSS) she does this documentary
Over and over I heard she had thousands of interviews lined up and she had to be very chosey
she chose to do this one?
With a nutcase man just so she could whine and defend herself
How tacky can you be to do an anti-Obama stunt days after he is sworn in
Does it not spell sore loser AND nitwit.. of all the interviews to help build up her crumbling image.. she choses this guy?

She loses extreme credibility with me each and every time she makes a decision..

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Ginger...I have not seen the vid. I somehow missed it.
I'm talking about Morgan who had to take her blog down her, not Morgan from PD.
She was the Photo expert. I wish she would come back online.

regina said...


I very much doubt Morgan would come back. She must have been pretty shaken to shut down and get rid of all her files...

Here's the link to the church video:


Anonymous said...

To: Vaughn

Re e-mail! I've sent a copy to Patrick. I had to go to Kinko's and they put it on a disc for me. Never having done this before, I hope it worked.

What I posted in my reply to you, is exactly what is in the e-mail. If you saw my second reply to you, it mentioned the KTUU website and the article Lori T. did.

The baby Trig article Lori did sounded like there was someone in the hospital talking to Chuck Heath. From all indications, SHE was not "inside" the hospital.

Why doesn't someone call KTUU and find out If one of their employees was, indeed, inside the hospital talking to Chuck Heath?

Hey, Gryphen, while you are waiting for the iceberg, why not give Lori a call?



Ginger said...


Re church tape! I just know it was altered. The fellow I am going to see has his expertise in video. I'll get a statement from him to verify it.

Also, I'm going to try to get him interested in the Gusty photos and some of the other pictures. This is a big "if." Like I said, he's a video guy.

Every day I visit PD...but most of the posters there think Bristol was PG and had Tripp. And, I respect their opinions.

Funny thing, back on Dec. 16th, a poster named NJESQ, had asked Audrey to set up another thread so we could examine the tape (it was still on KTUU and unaltered) and discuss it. But, nothing came of it. I wonder where s/he is?

To me, there is great significance in finding out wether Bristol was PG or not the "second" time. The McCain campaign did a great job of steering everyone away.

Anyway, this is the direction I want to go in and I think that's where the truth lies.

BTW, how preposterous is it to think a woman Gov. would fake a pregnancy? Her daughter doing this too would be "unthinkable"...right?

Well, Audrey solved the first part and when Rex Butler said.."if Levi ever writes his book, it will be one hell-of-a story." Do you think it could be this and he knows because that is..."one hell-of-a story."

Reg, I'll keep in touch...this will take a while.


regina said...


Maybe we should keep a lower profile in the comments. Please e-mail me on with any information. I think it's safer.


KaJo said...

Vaughn said above, "...[Lori Tipton] may have mistaken Willow for Bristol. People do that a lot -- even magazines have gotten them mixed up."

I noticed in the pictures of Palin's Memorial Day appearances on the 25th, in the background of one shot during the daytime ceremonies there's a girl wearing a green sweatshirt/jacket who looks like the "e-Bay niece" who sold Palin's Naughty Monkey shoes

(what? another travel voucher for the [extended] First Family?).

Anyway, I'm suggesting that there are other Palin family members, cousins, who could easily have been mistaken for Bristol in the Lori Tipton encounter -- we've already seen "e-Bay cousin" at the Palin Superbowl ad at Fort Rich.

(my WV is "snity" -- funny!)