Thursday, 21 May 2009

Palin wisdom

More tidbits from Bristol Palin's interview to People magazine:

"Girls need to imagine and picture their life with a screaming newborn baby and then think before they have sex. If girls realized the consequences of sex, nobody would be having sex. Trust me. Nobody."

The babies of older mothers scream too. If that's the horrible consequence of sex, to be avoided at all costs, nobody would have babies. Trust me. Nobody.

Everytime the Palins speak about anything, it's always with such alarming superficiality that it makes me want to scream! Since she became the anti-sex ambassador, she hasn't said a single useful, remotely relevant thing.

All we see is a glossy Bristol with a semi-comatose cute baby in her arms.

Todd Palin offers a glimpse into the dynamics of the family:

The magazine also quoted Todd Palin saying he had never spoken to his daughter about sex or contraception.

"She had enough information out there and enough examples out there. If she had questions, they would be answered," Palin said.

What does he mean, "enough information out there"? What kind of parenting is this? I suppose her questions would have been answered by someone "out there" as well.

Bristol lies as expertly as her mother:

Money is a concern for Bristol Palin, who said she paid for the baby's diapers and formula by working part time at a cafe and baby-sitting for other families while one of her relatives looked after Tripp.

We're expected to believe that she has a screaming baby, two jobs, worked on her high school projects and...

Bristol said she does go regularly to the gym and tanning salon.

"My dad lets me go tanning quite a bit. That's the one thing I can do. And I try to exercise," she said.

Oh well, tanning is safer than sex...

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MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Goes to the gym and the tanning salon?! When "money is a concern"? I see it's another Palin-iffic day!

WV: coniv. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Even tho I work in a tanning salon, and am grateful for the income, what a waste of skin and money....that she's working two jobs to earn to pay for diapers and formula.

FEDUP!!! said...

LOL! So, she goes tanning and working out - and does babysitting for others while someone else is babysitting for HER baby(ies)??? Tough life... (Oh, yeah, and she types out termpapers while having a screaming baby in the background, gets up at least twice/night for bottle feeding, does correspondence school (oh, no, wait - she goes to school... ummm.. no, wait, she does not go to school...) and keeps an almost honors GPA...

Lilybart said...

What? She is leaving her baby with someone else while she babysits for other's children? That is just crazy when the family has money.

If a mother has the means to stay home with her own baby (and the mother won't go crazy!) she should, especially if the alternative is caring for someone else's child.

Just can't say how nuts this is.

Sarah in SC said...

Has there been any fact checking at all in these articles being written? (dumb question, I know--it's People mag, after all) I mean, how hard would it be to find out if the job "in a cafe" is truth or fiction? Because this "working 2 jobs to buy diapers" story seems to occur an awful lot--like when she was pregnant with--oh, wait--the year she worked 2 jobs was the year she had mono?? Yeah, that's it. She couldn't go to school because she had mono, but she could work 2 jobs? But she wasn't pregnant then. No, that was her mother who was pregnant then-- with the invisible, tho apparently later inflatable, baby. And THEN it was Bristol who was pregnant and worked two jobs--wait, she was traveling and campaigning, that wasn't the year of two jobs...

Oh, to hell with it. Just let the baby scream while you babysit the other kids while in the tanning bed, trying to get your story straight and remember what abstinence meant.

sandra said...

Why was Todd the one who was supposed to give Bristol the advice on contraception? I'm sure his opinons would have been listened to, but I suspect in most families it is the mother who educates the daughters.

All this discussion connecting babies with sexual experimentation is fine, but I have yet to hear anything about love and the bonding that sex gives to two mutually respecting people. Somehow this got backward.

The abstinence preaching sounds more like giving up candy for lent.

Anonymous said...

The dealership was already giving up their GM alliance.

SP's statement was a blatant and egregious bald faced lie.

It has been planning to close for over 6 months.

SP is a LIAR!!!

regina said...

This buying diapers and formula is a dig at Levi. The Palins are great at playing the victims...

Anonymous said...

I just had to leave a comment because my word verification is "tumbled". How perfect is that? Holding a large accessory (Trig) and her babies (Blackberries), Sarah could have been in for a literal tumble (because it often appears she doesn't plan ahead by bringing diaper bags and strollers, etc.). And Bristol's juggling act (HA! - talk about an ACT!) cannot be sustained either; what a house of cards waiting to tumble.


Anonymous said...

Tanning salon? i thought sarah had a tanning bed!

regina said...


That tanning bed is in Juneau, a bit far, unless Bristol could claim travel expenses as a state official...

b-p-p said...

Just when I think Todd can't be any more weak speak! This glimpse of Todd is beyond belief. Why is the media rolling over for these ignorant past century knuckleheads? Talking to your children about the facts of life is some kind of unusual task for a Palin? It sounds like Sarah is not even a thought in that regard. The job was assigned to Todd only. You know who was busy seeing Putin's head and with other worldly matters. Sarah takes no responsibility with her own daughters education. How convenient for the victim role.

Here is a link to a commentary about Wasilla's lack of sex ed, by someone raised in Wasilla. "It was abysmal."
While whoever was so busy shuttering all the MySpace accounts, they must have read what goes on with teens in Bristol's peer group. It could not have been a secret how active this group was. Both Todd and Sarah had to know it was time for a talk. I suppose they believe this is true to their religion and the way "good" Christians are to parent?

Kyra said...

"My dad lets me go tanning quite a bit. That's the one thing I can do."

Isn't Bristol 18? Can was say abusive relationship here? Just because she is living at home doesn't mean she has to get permission to go places. It is clear that Levi wants a part of the baby's life and would probably be happy to take him for a few hours so Bristol could go do something on her own - but her parents are obviously controlling her and the situation. If she has to babysit to earn money, why not do it at home? There are just too many questions here - the dynamics in this family are just not right.

FEDUP!!! said...

That pic of the first dud is outright devilish!

Hmmm... my wv is trality - Todd's reality?

b-p-p said...


You would know more about this. Do you see some Stockholm syndrome in this family? Not like a Patty Hearst kidnap victim, but in the family dynamic way?

This is one of the weirdest family promotions I've seen. Not only is X-Gov. Rod Blagojevich's hair better but the Palins almost make them look sane. If Bristol needs more diapers and formula Sarah's handlers could get in touch with the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Show. It will not surprise me if that, or similar is where they end up. Jerry Springer is too polished for the Palins.

When the Palin family secrets come into the light it is going to be a Greek or geek tragedy?

FEDUP!!! He is a devilish dud.

Kyra said...

Stockholm syndrome is a fairly unique situation in which the individual develops feelings for their captor because they are dependent on them for all of their needs.

If you have a family, often seen in those with a Christian, fundamentalist background, where education is not valued, where critical thinking is frowned upon (because hey, it's all in the Bible and critical thinking teaches us to question), where Dad is the law of the family, the girls in the family become little mothers (little wives?). Regardless of the role of Mom, females are seen as less than men and always there to do the "women's" work. The fact that Sarah is governor does not change her role within the family. We know that, for example, when the budget came out, she and Todd met alone with the budget director and the 3 of them went over it and made the final changes. We know that Todd had a desk in her office. We know that Todd went after Officer Wooten and spoke to state employees on behalf of the family. Clearly, Todd sees himself as head of the family and entitled to a role as co-governor if not the power behind the throne. It was Todd that went with Bristol to New York for her TV appearances, and Todd that is the one that "allows" her to leave the house. It is Todd that said he had not talked to her about contraception. You will note that he DID NOT say that her mother spoke to her about those subjects which would have been the normal thing for most fathers to say.

Looking at candid photos/videos of this family on the campaign trail, you see no affection. Todd does not watch his children, touch his children, nor more importantly, do his children touch him. The body language between those children and their parents is very telling or Todd and Sarah are just not able to express affection to each other and their children.

sandra said...


Excellent analysis. I thought those days were past, but I think you are right. Chuck mispoke a couple of times (water breaking, inventorying the clothes), and SP didn't correct him.

How does Sarah using Piper as a shield fit in here? It is not affection. There was an interesting picture of them watching the super bowl (Esquire?). Piper lying on Todd's shoulder, and Sarah sitting on the table. Strange.

I've tried to bring up the idea that Sarah is not a feminist on other sites, but of course I was put down. Why? Because she has a job and kids and stay at home husband and hunts and fishes. My response is that a feminist makes life better for women. Taking on all the work doesn't improve things.

Kyra said...

Being a feminist has nothing to do with having a job, it has to do with ideology. I have friends (Christian fundamentalists) who turn their paychecks over to their husbands, who must have approval before purchasing clothing, who receive cash for groceries etc., and whose name is not on any checking or other bank accounts. Today.

A feminist believes in the rights of women as equal, in charge of her body, able to make decisions about her own life, career, etc., and if married, equal partner in decisions for the family. that's simplistic and there are different kinds of feminist, but Sarah is by no means a feminist or she wouldn't be so controlling of her daughters.

You answered your own question. "How does Sarah using Piper as a shield fit in here? The key word is using. What mother uses her child for anything? I'm not familiar with the photo you're referring to. I just remember seeing pictures of the campaign in which Todd just is always detached, apart in the lineup. When sitting, never next to the kids and if so, no cuddling, warm looks, no affection. Granted, some people don't display affection in public, but these people were running for office when they WANTED to put on an act - and they didn't. What's up with that? Sarah's always got Piper with her hauling around a baby, and talks about having her family with her, but they're props, not really people. You don't really see affection from her.

In my work, I look at expression, body language, what is not said. I tend to pay more attention to what isn't said, to how things are said than what is said. The look in the eye, the cognitive dissonance if you will. Are they smiling when they are talking about something sad? What are their hands doing? Is their body turned away from or towards the person they are with? Etc. There are all kinds of "tells" you learn to look for and they are different. It's a myth that you can learn the "rules" of body language and lying, but you can learn what is usual for different people and what is usual for people in general, and I am always fascinated by the dynamics of the family group and this one just is off from what I see. But, you have a mom who lies, often. How much conflict does that create within the children? A lot.

b-p-p said...

Kyra Thank you so much. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Anonymous said...

the article portrays exactly my thoughts abt bristol....good work!