Saturday, 16 May 2009

What do you think?

The group photo shows some of the Palins going to church at a different venue, after the Wasilla Bible Church fire. Bristol, Todd and Trig were easily identified, but the identity of the woman in yellow was unknown. The quality of the photo is not very good when blown-up, but she looks like the woman in the middle photo, Diana Palin, on the occasion of her arrest for burglary.

What do you think?



KW said...

Looks like Diana Palin. They must be close, then?

midnightcajun said...

Ha, aren't you clever! That's her, all right. THe mystery woman in yellow. Palin' around with burglars and drug addicts.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Good catch Reg!
How could they not know of her drug problems? When is Dianna's trial? Does anyone know?

Dianne said...

According to the Alaska Court System webpage, Diana Palin's trial is set to begin June 29th.

Interestingly, Sherry Johnston's trial that was scheduled to begin this Monday, the 18th, has been vacated and a status hearing set for the 21st. Perhaps they're just not ready or perhaps it's something else.

status hearing? said...

Reg, you are amazing! Sarah wouldn't wear those shoes to church. It does look like Diana.

First the Johnston's release a no war statement and things are improving. Now a status hearing. This will probably be good for Sherry. How good?

With Sarah in charge she will put the Johnstons where she needs them. I wonder what all they will be signing off on? Mercede, too? Remember the
situation with Bristol's other boyfriend, Johnny Chandler? Mercede talked about it in one of her interviews. Mercede also said Bristol was lying about school.

LisanTX said...

I think that's a teenage relative in the yellow jacket. See how thin her legs are? And she's wearing what look like Converse All Star tennis shoes which are popular with teen girls. SP has several nieces that are teenagers.

Diana Palin has a four year old daughter (and a husband). If she took the daughter with her while on a burglary, wouldn't she also take the daughter with her to church?

Plus I don't think sp would like any of Todd's relatives hanging out with her family. She seems to prefer HER side of the family to help out/be seen with/tour with her family.

onejrkitty said...

I see no reason it couldn't be Sarah herself. However, if it is Diana Palin, so what. She is Todd's half sister. Nothing wrong with them being seen together.

Least anyone misinterpret my response, I am vigrously, and outspoken in my dislike of Palin. Just not sure why this photo has any relevance except to show that Todd and his half sister have been seen in public together.

She looks very skinny, but it could be Palin otherwise.

regina said...


I only published the photo because of an endless discussion on another site about the identity of the woman in yellow. I came across the photo today and the penny dropped. It's not really relevant, just a slow Saturday and Palin fatigue...

I'll recharge my batteries and come back firing on all cylinders on Monday!


the problem child said...

I think that person looks too young/ is shod too young to be Diana Palin. JMO

The straight goods! said...

Looks distinctly unlike the picture of Diana Palin to me. Absolutely too think, too young looking, and has nothing in common with Diana Palin. The hair is not even the same color and it isn't as straight as Diana's.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Regina, you should post these pictures.

They are from a video taken by KTUU on approx. Dec. 15, 2008. Over at PD, several posters were trying to guess who the lady in yellow was.

My interest in the photo to the left with Bristol in the background, has to do with Bristol's reaction when she saw the video camera.

The minute she saw the camera, she took off and ran like hell into the school/church. It shocked me because of the snow/ice and her delivery was supposedly the 27th.

I've been asking over at PD if they had the video. Today, "B" was kind enough to post the same picture you have here.

The final consensus was the girl in the yellow jacket was Sarah's niece. I don't think it was Diana Palin though...but it's hard to tell.

It looks like a copy of the video isn't around. I've thought of e-mailing KTUU to see if I could buy a copy. Nobody seems to be interested though.

There are parts of this saga that drive a lot of people "nuts." Include me in the group!


regina said...


I came across the photo on B's comment on PD and posted a comment suggesting the woman in yellow might be Diana Palin. It's not relevant to anything, but I posted it here to see what other people thought.

Sometimes I look at the photos and think it's DP, sometimes I'm not so sure...

Oh well, at least it reminds us of how Bristol took off at some speed when she saw the camera. Pity the footage went missing.


FEDUP!!! said...

"Pity the footage went missing." ... Like so many other footages/pictures that might prove/show that something is amiss with the Flainin'Palins!... :(

Anonymous said...

The video you're looking for is here:

Doesn't look like Diana. My guess is Willow, although it doesn't look completely like her, either. But I base that on the fact that Todd Bristol, Piper, and Trig are also there, and this person is dressed like a teenager.