Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sarah Palin is wrong. Again!

I don't know whether Sarah Palin has missed the deadline to apply for the stimulus money for energy programs, but she's the only state governor to refuse to take it. All the other 49 have applied for it.

The Newsminer reported today:

On April 28, Palin said she will accept $929 million of the federal stimulus money, but she won’t take $28.6 million for energy conservation work.

She said the law would require a “universal energy code” for buildings in Alaska and she wants no part of that, so she won’t accept the $28.6 million grant.

Earlier, she referred to the money as an attempt to “bribe” the state or local governments to adopt energy efficiency standards for buildings.

But it appears the state does not have to adopt a statewide energy code to qualify for the $28.6 million.

The federal stimulus law requires states to pledge they will meet energy efficiency standards on 90 percent of new and renovated commercial and residential square footage by 2017.

Will she? Won't she?

It's about time Sarah Palin stopped grandstanding for her adoring fans in the Lower 48. If there is one state that needs some help towards energy efficiency, that state is Alaska.

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Anonymous said...

Sarah is to busy looking into attacking her enemies to worry about stimulus money.

Wonder if Wooten and Levi are sleeping better... after hearing Sarah was not getting her assault rifle from the NRA.

Lisabeth said...

Now she thinks the "Feds" are bribing her?? A bit paranoid!! How can a self-proclaimed energy expert not believe in energy conservation! Clearly her decision helps energy suppliers more than consumers. I want elected officials with real morals. Morals like people are more important than corporations and businesses! Like our animals and our God given planet are more important than development. Sarah showed through this decision that she is not forward thinking or innovatve. She cares more about oil company profits than Alaskans freezing in their homes!

She is not a leader as far as energy policy goes! A true energy leader in this century would look for every opportunity for energy conservation! And she or he would look for ways to help local companies develop alternative forms of energy. She would like it if the US was still totally oil dependent. We would just get our oil from Alaska and not those "bad countries." She is not interested in conservation or alternative sources of energy or she would have taken the money and simply found a solution to changing building codes. Someone would have had to do the work too and that would have created JOBS!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lizabeth @ 00:30... well said!

MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Hear, hear, Lizabeth!

It is absolutely insane for ANY governor of ANY state to turn down funding that will create jobs, save energy, and lower high utility bills. Three winners, and who's the loser? GINO! And the people she's supposed to be governing wisely!

My WV: crisi. Just one letter missing...

get real said...


Why do Alaskans keep putting up with her?

RECALL already.

basheert said...

Oh c'mon Alaska - this is first grade stuff. You have a BIG problem and maybe you should do something about her.

I'm sure the Lower 48 will be delighted to take the money that the SP creature has turned down. It's a shame too. Sort of unfair to the citizens of your fair state - or a state that was fair before she got her filthy hands on it.

FEDUP!!! said...

Well, it shows who she REALLY supports: The BIG OIL Companies! Because if she had accepted the $$$, people would have been able to get better insulated homes, which in turn would have meant that they would have had to use less fuel to heat their homes, which would have meant... LESS $$$ IN THE OIL COMPANIES' POCKETS...