Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Technical hiccup

Hi! I wasn't able to post anything because my modem blew-up during a thunderstorm last night. My husband said he saw a flash right next to me... I saw nothing! But the crack of thunder above my head made me jump and pull all leads from the power sockets very quickly!

We bought a new modem today but it wouldn't work. After a lot of faffing about, I decided the network card on the PC is toast... I connected the modem to the laptop and it works. The only snag is that the laptop is slooooow, so I won't be able to follow up on some suggestions made in the comments on my last post just yet. All my files are on the PC, to complicate things further.

Until my computer man comes over to fix the PC, I'll have to slow down a bit. He promised to come the day after tomorrow, but he's unreliable, etc etc...

I hope to be back to normal very soon. Blogging is highly addictive!


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

Addictive to those of us who love your posts, Regina! Glad nobody was hurt... if you weren't in France, I'd send our favorite techie to set your system right! (If he knew I was posting this, he'd pull a face of great indignation and ask why I didn't send him!)

Best to you both, and hurry back now, y'hear?

Anonymous said...

Are you able to buy a surge protector for 220 current?? We've had the same problems with anything electronic being "fried" during an electrical storm, and we've had to upgrade the surge-protecting equipment to combat the problem. Hope you're hooked up soon and back to normal, good luck!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if God zapped your hard drive for Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Regina, for the update!

I am anxious to hear your opinion on the video tape. While waiting for a reply, I went over to PD and read some old posts from Dec. 15, and 16th.

There were other people besides me that were interested in this tape. I just can't believe someone altered it! Something's up!


lisabeth said...

Regina I was getting worried after not seeing a post for an entir day:) on another note, I wondered if you would feel comfortable showing us a few photos of the area of France you live in. I understand if you don't want to but it would be interesting. I love hearing about different countries, the culture and foods, etc! I am also curious how you started even blogging about Sarah. Are you American or French or? I totally understand if you want to stay anonymous though!!! Good luck with your computer.

wes_ben said...

Hurry back Reg...I miss you :D

Cathy in Colorado said...

Had that happen to my computer several years ago, here in Colorado...did get a surge protector and back-up battery system, so that goes before the computer and have not had a problem since.

Love your posts and hope you are back posting soon.

Cathy in Colorado

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Hey Reg,
Glad you are OK! Wow a lightning bolt right by you!
Hope you get it fix and up online ASAP!
That pic is cute :)

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Hey Reg,
Glad you are OK! Wow a lightning bolt right by you!
Hope you get it fix and up online ASAP!
That pic is cute :)

CC from far away said...


Glad to hear you are OK. I really look forward to reading your blog every day. Wonderful writing and masterfully researched articles. Thank you and see you soon ...

Helen said...

Astrologically it would be best to hold off until June 1st to be fully up and running again - thats when Mercury's orbit will appear to reverse itself and go forward after 3 weeks retrograde.

I know that 5 days seems like an eternity for you Regi and you won't want to wait to do repairs. But if it so happens that there are further delays through the weekend - don't sweat it, it's in the stars! Mercury retrograde gives us a break from our routine and instills gratitude for the things in our life that we count on and sometimes take for granted - like computers, motors, alarm clocks and mechanical and electronic gadgets of all sorts.

regina said...


Funny that bad things are happening because of Mercury retrograde. I'm a Gemini, ruled by... Mercury!

I can post from the laptop, but won't have access to all my bits and pieces...

5 days IS an eternity. I felt really bad not posting for ONE day. After 5 days I would probably be shaking uncontrolably, completely incoherent.

We'll see... My computer man has the bad habit of saying he'll be round at 8 am, then turns up at midnight. He's lovely though, a complete eccentric. He owns a creperie/internet cafe that's always shut.

BTW, the socket our fridge/freezer is plugged into shorted a few days ago and we had to throw a lot of food way.

I hope the car doesn't break down, our English speaking mechanic retired in December! My French is good for poetry and animated discussions, but car stuff???

I'm going to bed before this comment turns into the unabridged version of "War and Peace"!


the problem child said...

Best of luck getting back up and running! I unfortunately have been in your position re: lightening strike on my modem. I really hope your hard-drive will be okay!

teal said...

...that's what happens when typing Mercury fast! things crash/burn when otherwise they wouldn't

Regina: me a geminit too, also, because...May 27th!

b-p-p said...

You are missed! and very glad you and yours are well.
This too will pass.

another "geminit" ! !

Lynnrockets said...

Great site. I'm glad I found you.

regina said...



Mine is on June 19th.

Many happy returns.


Duncan said...

The best of luck to you and your computer repairs Regina.

I read your site each day,also,too.

From a Leo, whatever that means, I have my hands full with 3 computers dualbooting Windows 7 RC right now.


Anonymous said...

Go to the light, little modem, go to the light!

Anonymous said...

26 May 2009 23:36 Anonymous Ginger said...
"I am anxious to hear your opinion on the video tape. While waiting for a reply, I went over to PD and read some old posts from Dec. 15, and 16th.
There were other people besides me that were interested in this tape. I just can't believe someone altered it!"

Ginger, would you mind clarifying your post? _What_ video tape? _What_ was altered?
It just takes the fun out of reading blogs, when there's oblique references to material that isn't there. It's crazy-making to try to figure it out. If there's stuff that I'm not going to 'get' if I'm not a member of that club, then there is no point to reading that blog.

Regina, no need for photos of France or your house or anything personal. Unless you choose to, of course. Your website is next in line for 'outing anonymous bloggers'.
I enjoy your blog; Palingates has become the first place I go.

Ginger said...

To: Anon, 27May2009 18:32

Sorry for the confustion. This bothers me too. It happened because of Regina's power failure.

To start from the beginning...go to Regina's "What do you Think" post. Read this and the comments and you will find mine.

Then read "Sarah Palin's wild ride." In the comments on this post, you will find some of mine on the tape. I had also responded to a couple of posters (busy day!).

This should clear everything up!

regina said...


I watched the video and I think it does look like Bristol is not walking as fast as could remember when I watched it some months back.

Also, too, the woman in yellow doesn't look like Diana Palin on the video, not enough chin...

Does anybody have the link to the video of SP going back to work and introducing Trig to the world? I can't find it anywhere. Palin Deceptions had the link in a comment, but I can't remember which post and there are hundreds of comments to dig through!


Helen said...

Regi hang in there - do you feel any different? You basically grounded a bolt of lightning! It's cool that

Just to share - I'm a Virgo with 6 planets in Virgo in the 6th house - uber Virgo ruled by Mercury as well of course.

Mercury definitely helps make the blogverse go round~

Helen said...

sorry, meant to say its cool that your hubby was there to witness what happened, or you might not have even known for sure. That's got to be a one of a kind experience for both of you, at least I hope so.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed, Regina, that you weren't more interested or curious about the tape.

Whatever, I've ordered a copy and it will be interesting to see if it is the original or altered like the one on the net.


regina said...


It's difficult to tell if the tape was altered as I only have a faint memory of it. I saw it months ago and can only say that it looks like Bristol is not walking as fast as I can remember.

It's good that you've ordered the original, but what you receive may have been tampered with as well...